Build Your Selling Organisation.

As you are selling and building up your client bank over the years, you will become enmeshed in a growing mountain of paperwork and unless you take steps to prevent this you will end up with little or no time to increase your income and eventually you will run out of steam.

The excitement of your early years dies and your job becomes humdrum and in the end you become a slave to it.

What you need now is a new 3 year vision.

In 3 years you can change everything that needs to be changed to improve your business and personal life, even though the means to do so may not be apparent right now.

Frank Sinatra did not push the piano!

Every time Frank sang he earned many thousands of Dollars.

Before he gave a concert, the venue was booked well ahead of the date.

Advance publicity was sent out and the tickets were sold.

At the appointed time the orchestra made ready , the stage was set and the grand piano was pushed out to centre stage.

When all was ready, a fanfare was sounded, the curtains opened and out onto the stage walked Frank.

He leaned on the piano and started to sing. When he had finished singing the curtains closed and Frank walked off.

Frank did not push the piano!

The only thing that you get paid for is the time you spend talking to your prospect,

All the rest is "Stuff"

You have to delegate the "Stuff".

It's 10 Dollars an hour work and will eventually kill you or your business!

You are in the Relationship business.

Focus on Relationships.

Build up stronger relationships with the top 20% of your clients.

Give them improveed service.

They will help you more than the rest of your other clients.

You don't have to give equal time to all of your clients.

Spreading your selling time over too many clients creates a problem, which leaves you with not enough time to give to your better ones. The 80% of smaller clients eat up your money making time with "stuff" and neither will you get higher quality referrals from them.

Delegate your Weaknesses!

Focus on your Strengths which is selling and Delegate your weaknesses.

Focus on your habits.

These habits are the building blocks of your total behaviour.

It takes 21 days to change a habit.

Change one at a time.

One habit changed will impact on other habits. Eg daily exercise will invigorate you and enable you to be more disciplined towards your work.

After three years of changing Habits you will be an entirely new being.

Goal directed habits are progressive.

You must be prepared to step out of your current comfort zone into the excitement and uncertain future.

All life is risky but the risks are reduced when you are working to a plan

"You can help people most in this world, by making the most of yourself."

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