A Strategy for Your Prospecting Problem.

Prospecting is like shaving if you don't do it every day he will soon end up as a bum. So said Frank Bettger.

Prospecting, should not be a problem you should make it a process.

Prospecting to me was critical, because without a continuous supply of prospects. I would be dead in the water I would not be able to reach my goal of financial independence.

In fact, it was so important . I decided not to do it

I trained other people to do it for me. When I first started selling insurance I tried cold calling on the company directors, who were my prospects,

but I quickly found it soul destroying. I could not get past the barrier that all Managing Directors use to shield them from unwanted callers,ie: their PA's or secretaries.

So I decided to use the telephone to make appointments with these prospects.

Use a hook to make an appointment

I found it relatively easy to make an

appointment with Directors by using a hook,

like a change in tax rules, or a change in

the government's budget or any other recent

change, as a reason to visit the managing

director of the company with a promise to

explain how the change could affect their

company, and how to avoid or reduce the

problem . I also promised not to take more

than 15 to 20 minutes of their time.

My strategy for prospecting.

I found it very easy to make appointments

on this basis, and I was making three

appointments from every six actual contacts I realised I could train a part-time

assistant to do this for me.

Remember, the goal at this stage is to make

an appointment, not to attempt to sell

insurance or group pensions or any other

commodity or service over the phone.

All you need is a good hook, and anyone who

can use the phone can make appointments for

you. Prospecting is one of the 4 pillars on

which you build your selling career is

critical to your success. You must have a continual stream of

prospects to see. But it is $10 an hour work and is a job that you should delegate.

Henry Ford helped me sell Insurance!

I turned PROSPECTING into a Process. I used to Henry Ford's three S's of mass

production which I had learned on my

management degree course. This became the basis for my strategy for


Simplify, Standardise and Specialise.


I wrote a simple script, which I trained my

part-time assistant to use, I also threw at

her the kind of objections she could expect

to hear, and I gave her answers to those


I also made my full sales presentation to

her, exactly as I would to a managing

director, so that she had a complete

understanding of what it was that I said,

and did for my clients, so that she had

complete faith in me and my service.


I gave her a paper log of my working week

made up of five days each divided into four

time slots These were my appointment times through the

day, starting at 9:15 a.m., and then 11:15

a.m. a break for lunch next 2:15 p.m., and

4:15 p.m. These time slots allowed me up to one hour

for each presentation, and an hour

travelling time between appointments.

This became my standard working pattern for

the whole of my insurance career, and it

worked extremely well for me.

You may wonder why I specified 9:15, rather

than 9 a.m. I had learned there is a psychological

benefit. When you say you want 15 minutes

of a person's time, and you ask for a

meeting at 15 minutes past the hour, your

request to seems more believable. If your

presentation is interesting enough for your

prospect, then the time limit ceases to be

an issue.

In the event that your prospect is not

interested . or is not a suitable prospect

it is no problem to cut and move on at the

end of the 15 minutes.


I identified for my assistant, the exact

type of prospect that I wanted to meet. And they were, the managing directors of

small to medium size companies to whom I

could sell Group or Director pension

schemes. It is possible to make between 80 and a 100

phone calls per hour when you specialise I used a variety of sources for her to find

these prospects, including Compass

directories, Yellow Pages and other

databases but the best one of all is the

ordinary telephone directory. In this it is possible to find and group

your prospects by the telephone code

number. The assistant looked first for the

bold type which is how companies are always

listed then she would call those that had

the code for the region in which I wanted

to work on that day.

This had the advantage for me that it kept

all the calls I was to make on that day

confined to a particular area which saved

me travelling time.

Let Henry help you build your Success.

As I said Prospecting is so important to

your success if you are not continuously

doing it you will fail, rather than making

it a problem make it a process. The strategy that Henry ford used to mass

produce motor cars was the basis of all

mass production that followed but it also

works when applied to any process, even

making appointments.

As I built a sales organisation I was able

to employ telesales people to make all the

appointments for my salespeople which kept

them busy and which led to our success. This knowledge will be an asset to you

but like all assets if you don't use it

--you lose it!
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