Why you should set your Selling Goals.

You may have heard the saying “Beware of what you wish for, it may come true” This also is derived from” the law of cause and effect,” except that it has to be more than a wish, it has to be turned into a goal to come true.

The age old saying “As you sow, so shall you reap”, also illustrates the same law

A person without goals is like a ship without a captain. The ship may have the finest of equipment and yet without a captain to give it direction and to keep it on course, it may never reach a desired destination.

Goal setting establishes your chief priorities.

Goals give you direction and focus.

Once you have a specific goal you develop determination and energy. Your effectiveness and productivity is multiplied by your singleness of purpose.

As we all know, light focused on one spot will create a fire.

Goal setting is the Cause, Success is the Effect. Your goals become your motivation!

To set goals properly you should ,

1) State in numbers the results you want to obtain.

2) Achieve them within a specified time.

3) Set them realistically high and practical.

4) Write them down.

5) Make your Action Plan

Action Plan

As an example:- Imagine the goals of a football team are to get to top of their League and win the cup final. Their plan of action is,

1) To use the skills of each player to the maximum advantage of the team as a whole. 2) To win each game in the series.

Now imagine the game being played like this, Twenty-two players are running around a football pitch, which has no goalposts!

How would you know which team won, if there were no goalposts and no final whistle?

The goals and the time are the two factors, which create and maintain the interest and the motivation.

The same principles apply to every goal you set out to achieve.

But all the interest and motivation is in the travelling, not in the arriving.

This is why successful people set new goals once they have achieved their current goals,

They do this in order to maintain their growth and momentum.

Yours goals focus the light on your desire; your plan of action creates the flame.

Less than 5% of the whole population have any idea of the value of goal setting despite the fact that this is the most critical element for success.

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