What would your life be like if you were selling three times more than you are selling today?

When selling you must put yourself in the picture as though you are already successful . It is important that you sit and think about this seriously. Imagine how it would be if you were already selling at a much higher level. How would you feel? What would it do for your income? What would it do for your family? What would it do for their lifestyle- recreation-holidays? What would it do for your long term financial security? Regardless of whether you are an employee or in business for yourself the fact is, You are your own business.

You are responsible for your own destiny.

Jobs do not have futures only people have futures. Your security is not in your job, your security is in you and it depends upon 3 things, 1) Your ability to do the job (work) you are in. 2) Your willingness to do the job (your attitude) 3) Your long term health. Without any one of these three attributes you have no long term security. If you grasp this knowledge it will give you a track on which to run as you approach your future work and your life. By seeing yourself already having these attributes and enjoying your success in the future (better known as visualising) you will stimulate the enthusiasm you will need to make the changes to those 3 attributes: namely 1) To increase your selling skills to take you to the higher level of sales. 2) To increase your self-esteem and confidence. 3) To alter your lifestyle for long term health. You may ask why all this is necessary?
The answer will be found in the facts of life for people in employment or in business compiled by the Association of British Insurers, Eg; Data based upon 100 males aged between 30 through to age 65, 36 will be dead before the age of 65. 54 will be dependant upon state benefits.family or freinds 5 are still working Only 4 can be said to be financially secure. Only one will be wealthy Your job is to become one of the four financially independent survivors. My job is to show you how to achieve this through improving your selling skills, your attitude and your long term health.

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Selling - Have you got what it takes?