The Master Skills in Selling

The ability to set written goals and to create action plans are; “The Master Skills.”

These are far more important than technical skills, selling skills or speaking skills, because they bring into effect

the “cybernetic goals seeking mechanism” of the brain.

This mechanism means that once you impress into your mind the goal, then your mind moves unerringly towards making your goal a reality, in every kind of situation.

The oil millionaire E.L Hunt, when asked what the secret of success was, said there are only two things you need to know:

1) What it is that you want,

2) Determine what price you have to pay to attain it and then resolve how to pay that price.

We all have a built in failure mechanism, which for the want of a better description we call ‘the comfort zone’.

We tend to stay within our comfort zone in order to avoid the risk of failure.

We tend to move towards that which is pleasurable and away from that which is uncomfortable or threatening.

The only way to override this failure mechanism is to activate your success mechanism, through a goal.

When you think about a written down goal you activate your success mechanism, which releases a lot of positive energy.

This builds up drive and desire,

it gives you persistence, clarity of thought, intensity of purpose.

The only way out of your comfort zone, is to write down progressively higher goals and keep working towards them.

This is the way every successful person works.

This keeps them alive, alert, motivated and successful.

The problem is not in achieving goals but in the setting of the goals. because once they are set your mind automatically keeps working towards them,

Once you learn this secret, happiness and a sense of fulfilment, ensures that you attain the goals that you have made your very own.

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The Magic of Goals

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