The Creative Salesperson

What the salesperson does looks easy, but observers don’t see the work that supports the sale,

the mental rehearsals before approaching a prospect,

breaking down various barriers just to identify and then to reach a decision maker or influencer,

customizing a sales presentation, and the incessant follow-through.

And when He/she finally meets the prospect

The salesperson becomes an illusionist, creating an impression of intimacy with a prospect that they have only just met. This takes Skill and effort.

“Breaking the ice” is the metaphor we use, quite rightly, for initiating a relationship with a client;

Ordinary folks generally don’t have this skill of warming people up, especially strangers..

Just as when you look at a great piece of art, it energizes you, and for a moment it changes how you view the world, and what you consider important.

It sweeps you up, and you gladly forget any outside considerations.

Some people call this “aesthetic arrest,” being seized by beauty.

It’s so effective, that it creates a positive, yet completely involuntary response in you.

You happily surrender to the moment.

Great salespeople repeatedly create the same result,

getting prospects to stop, listen, and agreeably relinquish their concerns and objections.

It isn't easy , some people do it naturally but most of us have to learn the skills.

But the skills once learned will multiple your income and not only that,

these same skills in human interaction, motivation and communication will improve the quality of your whole life

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