The $20,000 Idea that will boost your Sales.

Here’s a killer way to help you get more selling done!

A lot of time is lost through confusion of the mind.

You sometimes feel as if you are running around like a headless chicken. There is a way out of this.

It’s an idea that was worth $20,000 to a man. A Company in the steel business in America in the last century was run by an entrepreneur called Schwartz.

His factory was quite efficient but he had got to the point where no matter what he did, he could not boost productivity.

He called in a management consultant, a Mr Lee. Mr Schwartz explained his dilemma and asked if there was any advice Mr Lee could give him.

They were having the discussion in Mr Schwartz' office. Mr Lee noticed his desk was piled with memos and other papers. He had seen how busy Schwartz had been, with phone calls and a variety of other distractions during the interview.

Mr Lee then offered his one piece of advice:

"Before you go home tonight make a list of all things that you can think of that you have to do tomorrow, including anything on your desk that needs attention. Clear your desktop of anything that is not essential. Include on your list any other jobs that you have to attend to that are running around in your head.

What we are doing here is emptying your head of all the activities that you feel you have to be involved in, by putting them down on a piece of paper.

"When your list is complete, study it, find the job that is your highest priority and mark it “number one”. Then go back through the list to find the job that has second highest priority and mark it number two. Go right through the list until you have given every job a number in its right priority.

"When you’ve done all this put the list in your pocket and go home. Tomorrow when you come into work, take the list and start work on job number one, when you’ve completed that job or when you’ve done as much as you are able at that time, move on to job “number two”.

Do this all day, working down your list in the order of the priorities you established. At the end of the day repeat the process. Make a new list before you go home and prioritise every job that comes to mind.

"If you do this you will have the satisfaction of knowing that at every moment of the day you are always doing the job that needed doing the most.

Your mind will be clear of clutter and you will get a greater feeling of satisfaction from your work.

"I realise that other jobs will come up in between those on your list, these you should prioritise as they arise and this will keep things in their right order."

A month later Mr Schwartz sent Mr Lee a cheque for $20,000 with a note saying that this was fair compensation for the amount that the idea had been worth to his company.

He also said that he had applied these principles to all his key people in the factory. They now all worked from their own lists of priority jobs.

Mr Schwartz added that production had increased dramatically. The company is the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, which went on to become the biggest steel producer in America.

I applied this method of prioritising to my own work, which resulted in far less stress and much greater production. I recommend that you apply this method immediately and feel the benefits tomorrow.

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