Stress related to Selling.

Selling can be very stressful.

In my early years in the insurance industry I worked a very tight schedule of 4 appointments each day.

These were with the Managing Directors of medium sized companies scattered around my territory.

If the appointment was a good one it could last anything up to an hour by the time I waited to be seen and then made my presentation

This meant I would then have to drive as fast as I could to get to the next one on time.

This led to tension, which would leave me in a poor state in which to make my next presentation.

I also remember ,in the beginning of my career, I would get very anxious as I waited to see the next propect, in case I should forget the lengthy presentation I had prepared, especially if it was a big company,

There were two things I did to get rid of these stressors,

1) I rehearsed my script until I think I could have said it in my sleep.

2) I went on a weekend course to learn Self Hypnosis.

From then on I was able to approach prospects in a more controlled way , this had the effect of increasing my conversion rate of calls into sales.

The self Hypnosis course turned out to be invaluable as it now extends into all areas of my life.

Facts about Stress

Is stress good or bad?

The only person without stress, is a dead person!

It is part of our genetic make-up and provides us with the fight or flight syndrome.

You see a real or imaginary threat ahead of you.

Blood rushes to your muscles, away from your skin, sugar is pumped around your system to create energy. All your senses are sharpened and your stomach knots up. This is the period when you seem to go into slow motion. You are now ready to fight or run,

If neither of these options is open to you (for example you are sitting frustrated in your car in a traffic jam)

your pumped up energy has nowhere to go, leaving you in a state of pent-up emotion.

If this scenario is played out regularly in your life then sooner or later you have to pay the price.

All these things are exacerbated by our personality type.

Personality Types

“A” = A driver type character

“B” = An analytical type

“C” = A worrying type

Unreleased stress leads to tension,

acid stomach, headaches, backache,

irritable bowl syndrome, high blood pressure,

hypertension, thickening of arteries, clots and strokes.

A hundred years ago most men died by the age of 30 but improved medication and surgical skills have extended the average life of males to 75 and it’s still on the increase.

The body organs do not wear out with this increased use;

it is the respiratory diseases and cancers, largely caused by inappropriate adjustment to life's stresses that are the killers now.


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