Tips about Selling.

First a list of the things not to do when you are selling.

Talk too much

Interrupt the prospect or client

Use technical language

Don’t listen

Arrange the appointment under a false premise

Criticise your company

Oversell Make promises you can’t keep

Express surprise at client’s lack of knowledge

Gossip about the client who referred you

Talk about your personal problems

Be late for the appointment

Stay too long

Contradict yourself

Contradict the client

Be unsure of the facts

Be generally pessimistic

When closing the sale don't ask him to sign the order,

Hand him your pen and ask him to agree the details

:- Is this the correct address for delivery Etc.

Study the prospects body language. You should learn about "mirroring his attitude and posture, the pace of his speech, etc"

Don't fall into this trap

A busy person will pressure you into a too short a time to make your sale.

Politely ask if another time would be better for them?

If they say “no,lets do it now”, Ignore the pressure and get into questions especially egocentric ones that will take their minds off the time issue.

Example:- I once had an appointment with a prospect who had been particularly difficult to get to see .

He was always too busy! When I finally arrived at his office, even before I was able to take a seat, he said “You’ve got three minutes to tell me what it is you want”

I knew straight away that I could not make a proper presentation in 3 minutes,

yet this would be my one and only chance to see this guy.

He was an eager beaver type, with a large factory and offices, good plant and equipment and a very flash car parked right up front.

As I sat down, I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face,

I said “ Mr Williams are you the owner of all this ?

Judging by the success I see here I was expecting to meet a much older person.

Tell me, how did you get into this business and how long has it taken you to achieve all this ?

He visibly relaxed, he sat back in his chair, half closed his eyes and went into his story,

he was obviously enjoying every minute of it.

It was 35 minutes later when he finished.

I congratulated him. I had listened with great interest. One of the things that facinates me about selling to businessmen is learning how they succeed, in all their different ways.

By now Mr Williams was actually smiling at me, I then started into my own presentation which took me 30 minutes to deliver.

I am happy to say he gave me my most wanted response ie:-

he agreed to let me meet with his workforce to present a group company pension scheme to them.

There is a profound lesson here :-

Every one in the world is starved of attention.

Give them yours and they will do almost anything for you in return!

If you have questions or need advice about any aspect of selling please let me know or if you would like to receive more Successful Selling Secrets drop me an email

Ps:- I am writing more success secrets about Prospecting that apply to all types of Selling to business owners. I've had thousands of appointments,you can believe that what I tell you works! I will keep you posted on new info. Best wishes, Don.

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