Selling Skills

The first requirement in the pursuit of a happy and successful career in selling is your own belief in the value of the product or service that you are selling.

This is an ethics issue.

If you are not totally convinced that what you are offering represents good value then the chances are, you will not sell it successfully.

Or if you do then your own self esteem will suffer - not a price worth paying, especially when there are so many valuable products and services waiting for you to exploit.

The raw materials you have for Selling

1) Social Skills

2) The Need

3) Time

4) Product or technical knowledge

5) Ideas

6) Energy

Your job as the salesman is to maximise the effectiveness of all these ingredients, for the benefit of the customer, the company and you, in that order.

Organising for Success

A) Examine all your existing outlets Look at the results you are getting from the various clients you have.

Pareto’s Law applies here ie: 80% of your results are coming from 20% of your clients!

Check it out for yourself.

Focus on the top 20% and seek out more of this type of prospect - they will boost your results dramatically.

Be practical about this, you can reduce the frequency of your calls on the smaller producers to make time to find the potentially bigger clients.

Consider making telephone calls to service the smaller clients rather than travelling to see them.

Good telephone sales skills can be as rewarding as personal calls, try it and see. You can always go back to calling if it doesn’t work with some clients.

B) Examine the results of the other salesmen in your company to see if they are selling where you are not,

make a list of all possible targets.

The suppliers of your products could help you here. They will know the profiles of clients buying their products through other sales people.

Ask them for information, it’s in their interests to tell you.

Explain Pareto’s Law to them. Tell them you want to find the top 20% of prospects.

C) Examine where the competition is selling that you are not.

Where competitors are selling similar products or services,

they have clearly established a need amongst a group of clients that possibly you could be selling to.

Study their outlets and find the additional benefits that your product offers these clients and go and sell to them!

D) Examine the whole spectrum of products and competitors' sales to see what they are selling and you are not.

You will be surprised at the opportunities that you are missing.

Remember this, your destiny is in your hands.

The beauty of selling is that you become your own personal enterprise.
If you have questions or need advice about any aspect of selling please let me know or if you would like to receive more Successful Selling Secrets drop me an email

Ps:- I am writing more success secrets about Prospecting that apply to all types of Selling to business owners. I've had thousands of appointments,you can believe that what I tell you works! I will keep you posted on new info. Best wishes, Don.

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