What is Security?

Your personal security in selling is based on three fundamental principles.

1) Your willingness to do the job:

If you are not 100% focused and dedicated to your work, sooner or later this will catch up with you.

Your employer will lose faith in you, or worse still, you could lose faith in yourself.

2) Your ability to do the job. Security doesn’t exist if you are not able to do the job. Selling is easy if you work it hard.

3) Your Health

Without your health you cannot have long term security. Keep yourself fit.

It not only improves your job prospects but also your lifestyle.

In Summary -

Your security is vested in you, not in the job title you are currently holding.

Invest in yourself, you are your own business.

Do all the things a business has to do to succeed.

Improve your service,

Increase your skills,

Increase your knowledge,

Increase your client base.

Knowledge is power.

Pursuing these objectives will increase your personal value and bring you increasing rewards.

Maximise the value of your Time

Measure it and treasure it.

Analyse the way you spend your selling time.

Most people waste a large proportion of their waking lives on activities that do not contribute to their own success, then they complain that other people have more luck than they do.

The reality is that the others have spent their time making sure they’ll be “lucky” by practising their skills or through study.

Nobody in the world has more time than you.

We all have the same amount.

We cannot increase the amount of time available to us.

We cannot stop it, stretch it, speed it up, slow it down, or retrieve it.

We already have all the time we are going to get.

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