Your Dramatic Sales Presentation

During your sales career you will present your product, hundreds or even thousands of times. Your experience will be built up from all these transactions.

You will learn one thing when you make a sale.

You will learn something else when you don't.

You will quickly learn the reasons why some clients won’t buy the product, simply by listening to their objections, or their comparisons of your product with others.

Use this experience to build up a structured presentation to sell your product.

If you're not sure why a client, who you know has a need for your product, won't buy, ask him.

It may be the price, it may be the colour, the size, or it may be any one of a multitude of things, but until you know what the problem is, you can’t solve it.

The sooner you get all the problems out on the table, the sooner you can find solutions. Build up your presentation to encompass all or many of the problems, with solutions to each of them.

In this way,by introducing possible objections, before he thinks of them, while at the same time giving him solutions that overcome the problems, those problems never become fixed in his mind and will not stop you from selling further along in the process.

Why Have A Sales Presentation ?

The advantage of a structured presentation is that once you are word perfect, and fluent,

you can stand back from the words and concentrate on your client's responses,

whether they are verbal or by way of body language.

These responses will tell you his reactions and personality i.e.-are his security concerns most important etc.

It will also enable you to pick up vital clues along the way as to whether he is responding favourably to your presentation.

Knowing your lines, as it were, also makes you more confident in your delivery.

From the many different situations you will meet during your presentations, you will build up not one, but a number of answers to each objection, this will enable you to select an answer that may be more appropriate for a particular client.

This knowledge will accumulate quite quickly.

Knowing the words by heart will enable you to introduce an element of showmanship into the way you make your presentation.

This is necessary because every single individual is preoccupied firstly with his own egotistical thoughts and by his normal preoccupation barrier.

Breaking through their Preoccupation Barrier

Everyone has a barrier, it’s a built-in safety mechanism. It's a result of all of the training we are given about not buying from everyone who asks for our money.

The salesman’s first job is to break through this barrier.

The basic principle of breaking through the preoccupation barrier is to ask a question.

The question forces his mind to focus on the subject in hand and stops him wandering back to his other preoccupations.

Your set presentation creates a track for you to run on, so that when the customer breaks away from your presentation, which is almost inevitable, it is easier for you to get him back on track.

When you know your lines you cannot be sidetracked.

Also it enables you to stop worrying about the words.

You have rehearsed many times, so that, at all times, you know what comes next.

This allows you to put more action, emphasis and emotion into every word you utter - it allows you to dramatize. If you have questions or need advice about any aspect of selling please let me know or if you would like to receive more Successful Selling Secrets drop me an email Ps:- I am writing more success secrets about Prospecting that apply to all types of Selling to business owners. I've had thousands of appointments,you can believe that what I tell you works! I will keep you posted on new info. Best wishes, Don.

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