Overcome the Fear of Failure in Selling.

One of the reasons that people avoid setting goals is the fear of failure.

Another is that we fear being criticised, particularly by people we associate with.

This fear may have been established early in life.

As a child you might have said that when you grow up you wanted to be a fireman or a policeman or whatever.

The adults around may have laughed and replied “don’t be silly that’s not possible” or “you don’t want to do that”.

So you grow into adulthood hiding your wishes to avoid criticism.

You might never again express what it is, that you really want to do.

Alternatively because there is always resistance to change,

people will talk you out of doing something they feel is either going to change you, or how you relate to them.

Sometimes it upsets people to hear about your goals, particularly if they don’t have their own goals.

It makes them feel less than equal and this can result in them putting you down or ridiculing you.

People who fear failure will not embark on the road to achieving anything.

The irony is they don’t understand what failure is,

and they don’t realise that without failure no success of any kind is possible.

If you continually avoid failure you cannot succeed!

Successful people will fail many times in their endeavours to obtain their final success.

The secret is to fail in a positive manner, to learn from the experience and move on.

Step back and examine the failure, ask yourself what you can learn from this experience and then put your goal seeking mechanism back on course.

Thomas J Watson the founder of IBM, when asked how to become successful said: “Double your failure rate”


Look at Thomas Edison. He failed thousands of times while attempting to create the incandescent lamp.

His retort when asked why he persisted in failing was that he hadn’t failed many thousands of times, he had simply found many thousands of ways that didn’t work.

11,000 times he failed before he finally created the filament for the lamp that lit up the world!

Colonel Saunders of Kentucky fried chicken fame, in his in his efforts to sells his recipe,

approached a thousand restaurants, before one estblishment would pay him five cents a head for the right to sell it.

It is imperative that you understand that success and failure go hand-in-hand.

Where there is an opportunity for success, there is also the potential for failure.

You cannot have one without the other.

The need to stay within our comfort zone exists in us all but if we don’t step out and make some changes we will stay exactly where we are.

Even a tortoise knows it has to stick it's neck out to move forward!

Change is scary but it becomes much less so when it is goal directed,

it seems to turn into an air of excitement rather than fear.
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