How setting Goals worked in Selling Houses.

A story from my advertising days

Soon after I attended the lecture about Goals I was given the job of selling classified advertising to the Estate Agents in the city.

So this became my goal.

I found that trying to increase the size of the space taken by the regular advertisers was not working very effectively.

So I resorted to asking them to give me the details of properties in their files that were not selling.

In the evenings at home, I would write special copy for these properties to emphasise any special features or benefits.

I would use more emotive words to describe them.

Then I would return to the client the next day and ask for permission to run the copy as advertisements.

A number of my clients agreed to do this, and it began to pay off for them.

After a while, I earned quite a reputation amongst the local estate agents for producing advertisements that would sell houses.

Most of the property advertising was carried in the evening newspaper which was The South Wales Echo.

Very little property went into the morning Western Mail.

So I made it my goal to establish some property business for this paper.

The Western Mail was the Welsh national newspaper and its Saturday morning edition was the largest publication of the week.

In addition to the news there was an bundance of editorial features and usually one or two farm properties for sale and some cattle auctions.

I lobbied the larger estate agents and told them that the Saturday morning edition had a higher than normal readership, and advertising rates were lower than the evening Echo.

I sold them the idea it would be the ideal place to advertise larger homes, with photographs and good copy.

These would appear in a new property section, that I was going to develop as part of my goal.

My goal was to bring together a full page of advertising.

If I could do this, it would enable me to command editorial support.

I soon built up a half page of adverts. I then persuaded the management to commence the editorial support, and we made it fill the page.

Now I had something more substantial to show the other estate agents, and very soon I had my full page of adverts in addition to the editorial.

I kept promoting this concept, and before long we were running at least two full pages every Saturday morning.

Then I hit on the idea of giving the agents free space for a property if it were placed within another new feature page.

I had to persuade the management to give the space, which fortunately they had the foresight to do.

From then on Friday evenings became frantic. I had to call out my manager and other members of staff to take Polaroid pictures of houses around the city before it got too dark.

Then we would rush them to the machine room, where the printers would scan them into the page.

The increase in advertising was so great I was allowed to stand alongside the compositors on Friday nights to direct where the various adverts were to be placed in the pages

Salespeople were not normally allowed in the printing shop, but my enthusiasm and interest in the work was picked up by the printers.

I was allowed to stay with them until the paper was put to bed at about midnight.

Once established, this property section stayed in the Western mail and still continues to this day on a paid for basis.

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