Motivate Your Prospects to Buy

To motivate a prospect to buy a product or an idea, the first thing you have to do is disturb the prospect,(Make them unhappy with their current situation)

Then introduce you product to relieve their dissonance (or discomfort).

Next prove that your product is the "ideal solution" for their problem.

Then involve the client in action to bring him back to equilibrium or his status quo.

Before you can effectively sell products and services to the client, you need to be able to sell yourself.

Each prospect is different, but they fall into a number of broad types, and to motivate people to buy you have to recognise their type and get through their ego barrier.

Every person is egocentric.

We all spend 95% of the time thinking about ourselves and how the world is affecting us .

Good human relations require that we spend a lot more of our time thinking about other people.

People tend to buy from people they like, respect and trust .

Before we go further about learning how to motivate people, remember the first person you have to motivate is--Yourself. There is a whole site devoted to motivation where you can find lots of inspiration and resources and FREE daily motivational quotations at

Motivating people to like you.

Dale Turney wrote a bestselling book, that gives six rules to help you get people to like you.

1) You have to be genuinely interested in the other person.

2) You have to smile.

3) Remember the other person's name is to him , the most important sound in the English-language. Learn it and use it.

4) You have to be a good listener, encourage people to talk about themselves .

5) Talk about the other person's interests.

6) Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely .

People have a natural resistance when meeting a stranger . but this is doubly true, when a prospect meets a salesman.

Do what the chemist does to speed up action . when he is mixing two chemicals, he adds a third ingredient, known as a catalyst .

Good human relations are the catalyst of every sales situation and will speed up a positive reaction toward you .

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