How did what I learned on tugboat's help me sell insurance?

When I was a lad I had a passion for the sea . I joined the naval cadets when I was 12 years old, and spent a lot of my weekends with one of the officers, who was a tugboat captain .

When a tugboat goes out to tow a liner or a large cargo vessel to the dockside they use huge hawsers or cables, to tow the vessels in.

These cables are too heavy to be thrown from the target to the liner, so the tugboat crew attach a light rope to the heavy cable.

This light rope is called in heaving line. It is laid out in a neat coil on the deck of the tug, the seaman on the tug holds a length of the heaving line in his hand.

The heaving line has a large knot on the end to give it weight .

He starts swinging the rope backwards and forwards to gain momentum . then, when the tugboat is within heaving distance of the liner of the he heaves the end of the light rope on to the deck of the liner, which is caught by one of the liner's crew.

Obviously, the tugboat end of the light rope is attached to the heavy cable.

The liners crew, then pull in the light rope and then heave the heavy cable aboard the liner and make it fast.

So what has all of this got to do with selling insurance?

A lot and here's how!

One of the hardest jobs in selling insurance, or indeed in any selling job is to find someone appropriate to talk to,

in other words, "Prospecting".

When I started my insurance career I quickly learned that cold calling was not a good way to meet the business people who were my target audience.

Having had telesales experience . I started to make appointments for myself, via the telephone.

It was here that I remembered the lesson from the tugboat. When I got on the phone to the business owner or his secretary .

I did not try to sell insurance over the phone, it would have been too heavy a job,

I threw them a heaving line, I told them that the latest change in the Governments budget would affect their profits, and they needed to be aware of how they could avoid this. which as an expert . I could explain to them in just 15 minutes.

The lesson is,when prospecting

don't try to do the heavy job over the phone, use the light heaving line to pull in the personal interviews.
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