Create Selling Compliments

There are three essentials for a compliment to become catalysts in selling,

1) It has to be sincere .

You should always be able to find a genuine reason to compliment someone .

2) It should be specific .

This multiplies the benefit of the compliment, tell them why you like it.

3) It should be of real interest to your prospect or something about which they need reassurance.

Ask questions to gather information about the prospect, you can get this kind of information from his friends, family, staff, or their associates, etc.

Then, use your imagination to create a selling compliment.

Use your magic power of empathy, to see a thing as he sees it, This ability to create the compliment through empathy and imagination, makes the difference between the professional and the average salesman.

A salesman for an advertising agency heard that their largest single advertising account was up for offer.

The next day, this salesman made an appointment with the President of that company.

Then he sat down and asked himself "If I were the President of this huge company , what questions would I ask a new agency?

He worked on this through the evening and he came up with a list of 10 questions.

When he approached the President the next day, he told him that he had made this list.

"That's interesting," said the President . "I have just completed my completed my own list of 10 questions, lets swap lists". When the President found seven of his own questions in the salesman's list, complete with the answers, he awarded the 12 million dollar account to the salesman's company.

The salesman had taken the time to ask himself, "If I were in his shoes, what would I be feeling?"

If you take this approach to your prospect, you will find people respond better to you, they will like you more and you will also like them more.

"Before I sell my prospect, what my prospect buys,

I must first see my prospect, through my prospects ego eyes"

Use this strategy, and you will make more sales, with far less effort,--Quaranteed!
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