I was amazed how easy it was!

The first thing I should tell you is, I am not at all techie or computer literate but I did want a website of my own, as one of my goals is to write an Ebook about the passion in my life, which is mentoring salespeople.

This passion is the result of having spent 45 years in sales and sales management during which time I found success beyond my wildest dreams.

Now that I have retired I want to help people in sales who may be struggling to find their way to a successful and happy life.

I decided to start writing the content for this book in which I describe how I started with a terrible lack of confidence.

This almost killed my career in sales before I started it.

Then I describe how, almost out of nowhere, a book appeared in my hand that gave me the inspiration to overcome my problem. That book set me on the road to a wonderful life in sales in both the Advertising and later the Life Insurance industries.

Having made the decision to write the book, I then spent quite some time deciding on a title for the book, as I felt that having a title would keep me focused on the kind of material to bring together as the content.

I came up with the name 'successful selling secrets' as I felt that some of the things had I learned and profited from, are like secrets which if you know , open up strategies for success just like magic.

Looking back over all those years I realise that the biggest secret of all is that the greatest obstacle I had to overcome was Myself. My own perception of who and what I was, was the one thing I had to change before I could make progress not only in Sales but in every aspect of my life.

So that gave me the basis on which to develope the chapters on my site for the book.

In the first chapter I describe how I almost left the business at the end of the 1st week but was saved by that book. Then I go on to talk about building confidence, by changing attitude, reducing stress, learning how construct a sales presentation that will sell.

Having been there, I understand all the problems that confront every salesperson, from finding the right market, Prospecting and how to approach the prospects, the magic in setting goals and what’s more, guidance on how to do it. I have put lots of tips on selling that will cut down tremendously on a persons learning curve in developing the skills of super salespeople.

I am getting ahead of myself because I started out to tell you how easy it was to create the site to carry my information to the world wide web.

At the outset I began going through Google looking for EBook programs that would help me set up my book, I bought one and spent hours trying to get to grips with the system and found it beyond my capabilities, I just didn't have the computer skills to make it work.

I was determined to carry on, so I bought another 'easy to use'? programme and whilst, at the beginning it seemed easy enough, I soon ran into trouble and got stuck. Despite many attempts with the support on the program to make it work, eventually I recognised that I was not going to win that particular battle, so I ceased trying to master that system.

There is a saying in the Insurance industry " There's no-one with Endurance ,like the man who sells Insurance.

This is so true and I persisted in my efforts to find a way to publish my stuff. Low and behold by pure chance a friend happened to mention a programme that they were using for their site which they had found very easy to use, I knew they weren't any more techie than I, so I took a look at their site, and I was surprised how professional it was.

Without further ado I went to web address and looked at what was on offer. The material was so good and interesting I spent a couple of hours just reading the material which set out in great detail how and what to do to create a website that would work. I even visited many of their member sites to see their product and to read their comments. I was so impressed I signed up the same night.

I could hardly believe how much I got for so little money.

Because I already had a few chapters of my book already typed up, after spending a couple of hours reading, I was able to set up my own Logo which the system designed for me and published my first Website page the very next day.

What a wonderful experience that was and as I said at the beginning I was amazed how easy it was.

Since then I have found it just gets better and better because of all the advice, help and friendliness not only from the system but also from their thousands of members who are only too willing to help you build your site.

It really was my lucky day when I found Solo Build It.

If you ever want to set up on the web my best advice would be to go there first http://find.sitesell.com/DAW30.html and save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

Good luck!

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