Sales Development Training.

Sales development training is essential not only for people in direct sales and telephone sales but also for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their companies products or services either locally or globally. There are a multitude of books on the subject to be found on Amazon or at the leading bookstores, Many of these books were written years ago, care should be taken when selecting from these older books which were written when the idea that selling was a practice that involved browbeating a prospect into submission. If you see chapters listed in the Table of Contents inside sales training books such as ’ 100 rebuttals’ or ‘50 ways to close the sale’ these will be indicative of this method of selling. I am always reminded of one of the early lessons I learned about rebuttals In my own sales development training. It was in one of the sales training videos by the great Insurance sales trainer Frank Betger who likened the ‘Butt’ part of the word ‘rebuttal ‘as a head on attack by a Goat on the prospect. The mental image of this picture of a goat attacking a prospect has always remained in my mind as a thing not to do under any circumstances. Of course the prospect’s thinking has to be redirected when they hold erroneous ideas about your product or service, however a direct attack is not the way to approach the situation. Fortunately there are many sales training manuals and videos that have a more enlightened approach to the way to educate the prospect. For those seeking more advanced sales training there are many dependable sales training companies and sales training consultants who teach the modern approach to salesmanship to both individual sales representatives or teams of staff. A few minutes spent on a Google search under “Sales Training” will produce a wide variety of sales training materials and services including sales training games for inside training for teams of salespeople.

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