7 Steps to a Happy,Healthy and Wealthy Life

Having lived for over four score years in a state of good health and had a happy life throughout the trials and tribulations of everyday living on this planet and achieved what most people would consider to be a state of financial independence or wealth, I offer you a synopsis of the important lessons I learned as I make my way through this life.

1) Planning. 2) Time management. 3) Care for your body. 4) Care for your mind. 5) Care of your career. 6) Care of your wealth . 7) Care of your happiness.

I didn't learn these lessons in this order but I believe this is a logical approach to an overview of how to develop a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Planning will make all the other functions easier to achieve. If you don't plan to succeed at changing and improving these other functions the chances are it won't happen. Planning enables you to set goals and measure your progress in each area of your life.

Time management. Time is your most precious commodity .You must learn to use it wisely. Every function needs a plan for improvement and time to work on the plan. Successful people are people who consistently make better use of their time. They list the work they have to do each day and prioritize or give time to those actions that will take them the fastest way to their goals and in the right order.

Care of your body. So much of the good life is dependent upon your health, you should plan and take time to become and remain healthy. It is widely acknowledged today, that we are what we eat ( and drink ). Good healthy food, adequate liquid of the right kind and of course, exercise are essential to enjoy a long happy life. The odds of leading a happy life are against you if you become unhealthy.

Can of your mind. Three attributes will help you understand the importance of this function. Self-discipline. Self-esteem. Self- purpose. Your mind will determine how well you make your way through life. When you observe people at large,you will see that the vast majority go through life without a plan to become healthy, they do not use their time wisely, they do not have a progressive career path, they do not have the self-discipline to become financially independent. This is because of ignorance of the consequences of not being healthy, not becoming educated or trained in their career , or spending everything they earn as they earn it. They have no sense of personal responsibility for their lives.

A lack of self-esteem is a common problem. This simple exercise will help improve a feeling of self esteem or self-worth. Take time to sit in peace and quiet with a pen and paper to hand. Then make a list of all the skills you have acquired over the years. Note every detail, the longer the list you can make, the better it will make you feel. For example, you can talk, you can walk, read, ride a bicycle, drive a car, all of the work skills you have learned, all of the social skills that you now have. Write everything down , the longer the list the better. By the time you have done this you will feel far more positive about yourself. The magic word is attitude. The right attitude towards life will bring into play “The Law of attraction” which in simple terms can be interpreted as, “If you have good thoughts about your life, you will have good life, if you have bad thoughts about your life, you will have a bad life.” Take time to read up about ‘The law of Attraction.’ You will find how true it is.

Self purpose. Happy are those who have found a purpose in life. These are the people who know how they want to spend their lives and because they focus their minds on this purpose they seem to achieve much more than the majority who lack a purpose or vision.

Care of your career . Think of yourself as your own business, then think of ways you can increase the value of your business, by increasing your skills, increasing your service, improving how you market yourself, educate yourself, learn new skills, focus on and strengthen your skills and delegate your weaknesses. Care of your wealth. You cannot become financially independent or wealthy if you continually is spend hundred percent of your income. Even a squirrel knows it has to put away some of it’s nuts! With the ease of credit available today, it requires a lot of self-discipline to avoid becoming a victim of this consumerist society. Debt is one of the most destructive ways of killing your future happiness.

Care of your happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with money or the assets you have or don't have. Your happiness is linked to your attitude towards your own life and the events in it. Do you have a positive or negative view of these events as they happen to you. The greatest discovery all of the century is that you can change your life by changing your mind.

The above is just a quick synopsis of the seven ways to lead a happy healthy wealthy life. You will find a lot more information on each of these functions and how to make them work for you within the pages of this site.

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