Face the Fear

Face the fear and do what you have to do.

What I am trying to convey in the introduction to my site and in the story about "my first weeks in selling" is

no matter how inexperienced or how afraid you are the best thing to do is to step out of your comfort zone and take up the challenge.

Facing the fear will not be as bad as the fear itself. Once you have climbed that mountain you will find that the view from the top is exhilarating.

Once I had made that first call that I described in the annecdote "My first weeks in selling" I found it quite thrilling to be able to walk into any business and say to the owner,

“ My name is Don Westacott, I work for the Western Mail and Echo, I've got a few ideas that will help you bring more customers into your business.

Because of the feeling of achievement that having overcome this fear gave me, I opened every door I could found on my territory. I became excited with the thrill of it.

I made my presentations about classified advertising with enthusiasm.

I was the only salesman on the team who actually enjoyed cold calling. Within three months from that terrible start I became the top salesman on the team.

The memory of those first attempts at selling as still as vivid today, 45 years later, as they were then.

Every time I remember them I thank God that I closed my eyes and pushed those doors open. What say I hadn't?

That was one of the best things I ever did . I am able to tell you about this because of another great thing I did just a couple of months ago.

You may not know this, but most salesman hate paperwork. It’s anathema to the “type A” personality.

It certainly is for me. For all the 45 years, I worked in selling, I never stopped long enough to learn to type. So here I was at 77 years of age, wanting to publish all the tips and skills I learned from the Master Salesmen of two great industries .

My goal is to help aspiring salesman and saleswomen improve their skills and their earning power.

I thought I had at least 80 pages of material to compose, present and then of course to distribute.

So with this as my goal, I had to find a way to solve these problems.

I never cease to be amazed at how these mind things work. It seems to me that once you focus on a goal, ideas and help seem to come at you from all directions.

I am not very good with computers but I am able to send e-mails and search the Web.

One day I spotted an advert on the Web for Automated Typing.

I checked on the site and read about this software product. It sounded easy to install, and it promised that within a few hours of dictation, the software would learn how I spoke, and would accurately type my dictation.

I realised this would be the first step towards achieving my goal, so I bought the software.

After the first two hours it was making so many errors, I thought this was a bum steer but fortunately I persevered a few more hours.

I learned that if I spoke more clearly and a little slower the computer was turning out dictation, with over 95% accuracy

Now 90 plus pages and many rewrites later, I can rattle off stuff fast and accurately. This software is a godsend to me.

In case you have a similar problem, the software is “Dragon Speaking Naturally” and I am happy to recommend it.

Then another strange thing happened. A colleague suggested that I make my material into an e-book.

This seemed like an improbable solution for me because of my greatly limited knowledge of computers.

However I put a search on Google for e-book and site builders and among the adverts that came up, there was one that sounded to me as though it had been written just to solve my very own problem!

It offered “a free guided tour” of the whole system. It also promised to empower me with the ability to make my own website that would work. With step-by-step instructions that required no expertise in computer jargon or skills.

I decided to click on “the free tour” and take a look.


This turned out to be another one of those life-enhancing moments for me.

As I started to read the text on the site, I felt that feeling you get when you intuitively know that you're connected to something that is right for you.

I spent hours that evening reading all about how it worked. I read other people's testimonials that went above and beyond normal endorsement. They seemed as ecstatic about using it as I was reading about it.

I ordered the system the very next day and that is how I am communicating with you from my very own website, which I have also turned into my own e-book.

I know it's not the finest site you have ever seen, but I could not have got this far, so quickly without that discovery.

I can't believe how it all happened, but it did, thanks to the Magic of Goals, and the Miracle of the Mind that put this website system together.

I am so-so glad I pushed that door open.

If you find it hard to believe it's that easy, just go check it out yourself.


If you do take a look, come back afterwards, I know you will want to say thank you to:- dawestacott@aol.com

My E-book "Successful-Selling-Secrets. will be available for Download shortly,

“You can help people most in this world by making the most of yourself

If you have questions or need advice about any aspect of selling please let me know and if you would like to receive more Successful Selling Secrets drop me an email.

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If you have questions or need advice about any aspect of selling please let me know or if you would like to receive more Successful Selling Secrets drop me an email

Ps:- I am writing more success secrets about Prospecting that apply to all types of selling to business owners. I've had thousands of appointments,you can believe what I tell you works! I will keep you posted on new info. Best wishes, Don.

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