How to make Bigger Sales, More Frequently,with Far Less Effort.

If you are in selling,think how much better your life will be when you have learned the Master skills in selling! Have you ever wondered how it is that some people in sales are earning two or three times more money than you and yet you know they are working no harder than you are? It‘s not that they are lucky or that you are unlucky. It‘s not what you do; it is more to do with the way that you do it. There are many sales secrets to be learned, secrets that I have learned and will share with you as you progress through these pages. I claim you can multiply your income. You can achieve this by following the advice on making bigger sales and the master skills that I have brought together in the following pages. How can I say this? Simply:- because I have spent 45 years in Sales and Sales-management, consistently reaching my own goals and multiplying my own income a hundredfold by using the same strategies and techniques that I have learned from my many years in sales and sales training. Whatever the level of your sales performance is at this moment, I have been there. I know what it‘s like to fail and to succeed. Over all my years in Sales I have attended hundreds of training sessions both receiving and delivering the training, I‘ve read all the books, seen all the videos, attended the seminars and from all these experiences I have collected Piles and Piles of ---Garbage! but in and amongst the Garbage I have found nuggets of gold and pearls of wisdom that helped me create my success. I have thrown away all the Garbage and have laid out for you those nuggets of gold and pearls of wisdom, which, if you take and apply to your work, will ensure that you too will multiply your income. I love selling and I want to pass on to you ¯the magic words¯ and the methods that brought me my success.

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Sell more by Asking Questions.
How and why asking questions is important in the selling process.
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